NVPC 2017 Holiday Social - Dec 20, 2017

Images from the Holiday Social 2017

Courtesy of Karen Johnson

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Harry's Round Table - Oct 11, 2017

A Few Ideas from Tom Briere to Stimulate your Creativity

For our December and May salons

The Assigned Topic for our December salon is:

The word “wabi-sabi” is derived from two Japanese words:

  • “Wabi” refers to an austere, natural state.
  • “Sabi” refers to a lonely, melancholic sense of impermanence in life.
So the concept of “wabi-sabi” has slightly sad undertones, but in recent years has been made more positive – the beauty of imperfection, the beauty of things that are in flux, and the beauty that nothing will last forever. So how can we apply this concept of “wabi-sabi” to our photography and life?
First of all, realize these “3 simple realities”:
  1. Nothing lasts
  2. Nothing is finished
  3. Nothing is perfect
Furthermore, the beauty of things that are:
  1. Modest
  2. Humble
  3. Unconventional
Another view:
Wabi-sabi refers to an elusive and elegant beauty.  Wabi suggests a beauty of elegant imperfection.  Sabi means loneliness or rather aloneness.  Together, they suggest the beauty of ‘the withered, weathered, tarnished, scarred, intimate, coarse, earthly, evanescent, tentative, ephemeral.’ ~ Crispin Sartwell

And for our May salon, the Assigned Topic is: CREATIVE (PSA definition)

PSA definition of creative ( from their website):

The PSA definition of Creative is “Altered Reality.”  The image may be of any subject matter and must obviously display a change in natural color, form, shape or any combination of these three.  All images must be original and may not incorporate elements produced by anyone else.  Artwork or computer graphics generated by the entrant may be incorporated if the original photographic content predominates.  Images may not be constructed entirely within a computer.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) images without further changes are not considered “Altered Reality.”