About Harry's Round Table

Harry’s Round Table is the club's photography group that's focused on open discussion about your photographs, in an effort for members to learn from each other.   It's held four times a year and is conducted in a very informal manner.   It's open to all members, and all skill levels are welcome!   Participants bring images for discussion with other members in attendance.   Images can be presented as digitals, e.g. on a digital thumb drive, or as prints.   Just bring them with you the night of the meeting.   Any aspect of the image is welcome for discussion!

Photo topics are completely open.  They can be from a personal project, a recent trip or family event - anything on which you would like feedback or just wish to share.   A list of suggested topics is provided below, but anything goes!   Choose from any and bring along an image or images that you think convey the topic.   Tell us about the image, how you made the image and what you like or even don't like about it.

Suggested Topics (choose from your gallery of images and tell us what about the image conveys the topic):

  • Gratitude
  • Joy
  • Emotion
  • Energy
  • Independence
  • Serenity
  • Togetherness

As you can see, these particular topics are intangible.  The goal is to create an image which when shown will clearly communicate the idea to the viewer.   You probably have many of these already in your files.  Bring them in, for some lively discussion!

Note: Active participation is encouraged but not required.   Feel free to sit in on a couple sessions.   Then when you're ready, bring in some of your own images and enjoy the discussion that ensues.   Either way, please do participate in the discussions.