About NVPC Photographer's Round Table

The Photographer's Round Table is focused on open discussion about your photographs, in an effort for you and other members to learn from each other.   It's held once a month (virtually), is open to all members and all skill levels, and is conducted in a very informal manner.   You are invited to submit images you intend to submit for club competition and for which you would like feedback.   You may also submit images which have already been presented in a salon and for which you would like further discussion, as well as images that you feel need a little help, and images with a "back story" you would like to share with the group.   Any aspect of the image is welcome for discussion!

The focus of the Round Table is more on the artistic side of photography rather than the technical aspects; however sometimes technical suggestions will be needed.   The objective is to help both newer and seasoned photographers to grow and ‚Äúdevelop" their photography.   Feel free to sit in on a couple sessions.   Then when you're ready, submit some of your own images and enjoy the discussion that ensues.   Tell us about the image, how you made it and what you like or even don't like about it.   Either way, please do participate in the discussions.  This is a great way to grow your craft!