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✔  A Guide to Using Luminosity Masks
✔  Image Sharpening Using High Pass Filtering
✔  From Basics to Fine Art Printing and Display

A Guide to Using Luminosity Masks

Digital Users Group - Nov 8, 2017

This PowerPoint presentation describes and illustrates the generation and use of luminosity masks in Photoshop.
Presented by Tom Price.

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Image Sharpening Using High Pass Filtering

Harry's Round Table - Jan 10, 2018

This PowerPoint presentation shows the workflow to sharpen images using the high pass filter in Photoshop or Elements. It is based on the use of layers and blending options. Presented by Tom Briere.

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Download the PowerPoint Presentation

From Basics to Fine Art Printing and Display

Aug 9, 16, 23 - 2017

A 3-day workshop that covers the elements, from basic to advanced,
for printing your images the way you envision them.
Held at the J.V. Fletcher Library, 50 Main St, Westford, MA  7:30 - 9:30 PM

  • 09 Aug 17 – Basic Definitions, Concepts, Tools, Workflow, Image Preparation - by Jim Coutré

  • 16 Aug 17 – Getting Your Image on Media - by John Tabaczynski
    • Getting Your Image Onto Paper - What to do after it looks good on the screen

  • 23 Aug 17 – Mounting for Exhibition - by Jim Coutré
    • Single and Double Matt Cutting
    • Archival Mounting for Exhibition
    • Dry Mounting, Hinges and Corners (Print Salons)

Reference Materials

  •     Basic to Fine Art Printing and Mounting for Exhibition - NVPC 9Aug17.pdf
        View     Download

  •     Coutre Workshop Preparing your image for printing 8Jan15.pdf
        View     Download

  •     Coutre Workshop Soft Proofing and Gamut 18Jan15.pdf
        View     Download

  •     Getting Your Image Onto Paper.pdf    (Note: Large file, better to download then open downloaded file)
        View     Download

  •     Calculate Border Sizes.pdf
        View     Download

  •     Calculate Border Sizes.xlsx

  •     Matt Cutting and Mounting 23Aug17 JEC.pdf
        View     Download

    Calibration Image:      (Click here to download.)