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ToDesktop Active Win

Get metadata about the active window.


Install @todesktop/client-active-win in your client-side application using

        npm install @todesktop/client-active-win


Installation of the plugin package is also necessary. Using ToDesktop Builder, navigate to Plugins. Click on the Explore button for "Active Window" and install the package.



Get metadata about the active window (title, id, bounds, owner, etc).

        import { getActiveWin } from "@todesktop/client-active-win";

(async () => {
  console.log(await getActiveWin(options));
		bounds: {
			x: 720,
			y: 330,
			height: 600,
			width: 800
		id: 7184,
		memoryUsage: 1248,
		owner: {
			name: 'Simple App',
			processId: 56614,
			bundleId: 'com.google.Chrome',
			path: '/Applications/Google Chrome.app'
		platform: "macos",
		title: 'Google',