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Basic Offline Support

Desktop applications that fail to load a remote URL will display a blank screen by default.

This can be confusing for users, so ToDesktop supports an "Enable offline screen" option for displaying a troubleshooting page that can be loaded without network access:

User interface checkbox for enabling an offline screen

The offline screen will inform users that no connection was detected. It also includes a button prompt for re-attempting connection:

User interface checkbox for enabling an offline screen

Plugins for Offline Support

ToDesktop also provides plugin functionality to interact with local desktop data:

  1. ToDesktop File System provides a secure way to use fs functionality.
  2. ToDesktop File Exec allows you to execute files that you've bundled with your desktop application.

Combining these plugins offers more opportunities for improving offline support. To learn more about bundling and executing files, follow our guide on bundling files with your desktop app.